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Whatever your industry is, if you work with or make decisions about color, you know that colors have significantly different appearances under different types of lighting. It may be glaringly obvious that your blacks don’t match when you’re in the sunlight, but in the light of the store dressing room they looked exactly the same. Maybe the red font you approved for your proof or product packaging is actually more of a pink once you get it outside.  Or even worse, maybe you ordered a large quantity of clothing in an approved color and it arrived looking completely different than you had wanted. Wouldn’t you love to be able to see and make communicative decisions about these color differences before it’s too late? It only takes one color matching disaster to know that the way we see colors is intrinsically affected by the light conditions we are viewing them under.

The fact of the matter is that your regular viewing space lighting just isn’t good enough to see these discrepancies. Color viewing is only as accurate as the quality of the light source. Far too often, incorrect or inconsistent lighting and viewing conditions result in communication problems during the color reproduction process. What we do at GTI is design and manufacture lighting systems specifically engineered for optimum color viewing.

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…See True Color.

GTI provides a range of industries with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the colors of their final products bring no unwanted surprises. Our lamps and viewing systems help reduce the chances of overlooking color inconsistency and improve lighting solutions for even the most demanding or uniquely specific color jobs. If color is even a little important to your successful work or play, don’t you want to be able to view the most optimum performance possible of your colors in order to create the best achievable version of your product?

Whatever your color viewing need is – whether you need to compare graphic prints, colored product packaging, clothing textiles, or you want your customers to know how an outfit will look outside before they leave the store – to see TRUE color, you need GTI. Let us help you decide what GTI lighting is optimum for your color goals! We know how important it is to you to get the most perfect color for whatever your needs, and how elusive the process can actually be. GTI’s unwavering commitment to quality color viewing brings our users superior successful color viewing and management.

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