GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. to Exhibit at Labelexpo 2014

During production labels should be viewed in controlled lighting conditions to ensure accurate color matches and fidelity, and to maintain brand integrity. GTI, the leading manufacturer of lighting systems for

GTI to Showcase a Wide Range of Viewing Systems at IPEX 2014

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GTI, the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance D50 lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching assessment will be featuring a wide range of Graphiclite® Color Viewing

Getting a Good Visual Appraisal of Color

Bob McCurdy, GTI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, talks to’s Richard Romano about GTI’s color viewing products and the challenges of lighting for proper viewing of commercial printing.

Generic 5000 Kelvin Lamps

The dictionary’s definition of generic is, “A product that is not sold or made under a particular brand name.” What is your definition of generic – lower price, lower quality,

The Future of Soft Proofing

Bob McCurdy, GTI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing talks to’s Cary Sherburne about the future of soft proofing. He also discusses GTI’s Soft View SOFV 1x1Q a desktop

GTI Announces Vertical Wall Viewing System

ISO 3664:2009 D50 compliant large format vertical viewing system to be featured at SGIA Show GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. the leading manufacturer of lighting systems for critical color viewing, color Interview

During Print 2013 GTI’s Bob McCurdy was interviewed at PRINT 13 by MyPRINTResource. Bob discussed trends in color matching, the impact of ink jet and a number of ISO 3664:2009

GTI Announces Soft View SOFV-1xiQ Soft Proofing System

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Award-winning system automates luminance matching between color monitors and the SOFV 1xiQ viewing station GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. the leading manufacturer of lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication,

9 ways color and appearance professionals are optimizing visual inspection

Color professionals know that visual inspection for color quality, color matching and metamerism testing is an essential part of the production process. This means selecting the best quality light sources

Searching for a SpectraLight? GTI’s CMB is available now!

If you’re a Color and Appearance professional trying to get your hands on a SpectraLight III color evaluation system from X-Rite, you’ve probably already discovered that there’s an unfortunate several

Where to find GTI products at Graph Expo

Next week’s Graph Expo show in Chicago will be like a GTI product showroom. If you want to see GTI’s new Graphic Arts color viewing and evaluation products in action,

A FREE Color Seminar Event

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Attend a FREE Interactive color seminar presented by Konica Minolta and GTI!   Event Details Thursday, August 9, 2012 Atlanta Botanical Garden 1345 Piedmont Avenue, NE Atlanta, GA 30309 Session 1: 9:00

GTI introduces: The smartest new sensor in soft proofing.

This week at the DRUPA trade show in Germany, GTI is revealing a revolutionary new light sensor that will improve the soft proofing process for graphic arts professionals everywhere. The

ISO 3664:2009 : No turning back.

In the fast lane of color management, there are no U-turns. We’ve heard a lot of different perspectives debating over the effects of the new graphic arts industry standard versus

Color viewing light booths: Don’t try this at home.

Substitution is a concept we’re all familiar with, no matter what the situation. You substitute the ingredients in your refrigerator for the ones in the recipe, the shirt from your

Put your viewing systems on LiteSupport

GTI‘s LiteSupport is your color management Life Support! Anyone who manages color has their own horror stories to tell about color miscommunications and project disasters. At GTI, we know how

GTI has a new addition!

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GTI is pleased to welcome our newest member of the True Light team! Nick Lena will be GTI’s new Director of Technology, overseeing the LiteSupport Service program, and providing technical

See color in a new light, with GTI

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ISO 3664  2009                                  vs.                    

Fashion, fine art, and controlled lighting

No, this is not a game of ‘which one of these things doesn’t belong’ (although if you thought it was, you should definitely keep reading!) In actuality, fashion, fine art,

The D50 daylight myth

Does 5000K really equal daylight? Fiction. GTI is here to debunk some daylight myths for you. In short, 5000K does NOT equal daylight. Now that that’s cleared up… 5000 Kelvins (5000K)

Why change your [ISO] standards?

So you’re an appreciator of graphic arts and/or photography,  and you’re well aware that the industry standard for viewing prints and proofs has recently changed (or aren’t you?) but do

Controlled lighting will save your life.

SURPRISE!!!  That’s the sound of the colors on your next project unexpectedly scaring the bejeezus out of you (or worse, out of your clients!) Rather not be scared to death?

Complete guide to lamp performance

GTI Graphic Technology Inc. Graphiclite® and ColorMatch Series® lamps are in a class all their own when it comes to fulfilling the demands of industry standards, but knowing the proper

GTI is the feature Council of Industry member profile

GTI has been a long-standing Council of Industry member and is pleased to announce that it has been featured in January’s ‘member profile’ section of the Council’s newsletter. Catch a


Metamerism exists when two materials match under some lighting conditions but not under other lighting conditions. It is the occurrence of colors which have different properties appearing to match under a

What’s new in the ISO 3664 standard?

When it comes to color assessment, where do you set your standards? The critical color differences you didn’t know you were missing because your lighting system isn’t up to snuff. There’s a

What is ISO 3664:2009?

A summary of the graphic arts and photography standards. ISO 3664 is the international color viewing standard for the graphic technology and photography industries. In order to improve the quality

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color viewing, even near the D50 standard color temperature, is only as accurate as the quality of the light source. The CRI, or color rendering index, is a quantitative scale

Spectral power distribution (SPD)

A spectral power distribution (SPD) is a graph of the energy levels of a light source through a range of wavelengths of light. The spectral power distribution is the true “fingerprint”

Color temperature

Color temperature is the expression of energy levels of light sources in Kelvins (K), based on the notion of a perfect absorber which changes color dependent on the temperature it


Iso 3664 defines Chromaticity as the “property of a color stimulus defined by its chromaticity coordinates, or by its dominant or complementary wavelength and purity taken together.” The apparent color of

Illumination: Large format print viewing

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. periodically chooses one of its exclusive and innovative products to “illuminate”. In keeping with our commitment to excellence and innovation, GTI often creates custom designs to solve uniquely

GTI is raising the bar on color viewing.

ISO 3664 is the international viewing standard created to improve the quality and consistency of light sources and color viewing. Recently this standard has been upgraded to the ISO 3664:2009

GTI is the 2010 Digital Output Readers’ Choice!

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The readers have chosen… GTI is the 2010 Digital Output Readers’ Choice! Readers of Digital Output have chosen their Top 50 favorite companies of 2010, and GTI is thrilled to

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