Color viewing light booths: Don’t try this at home.

Substitution is a concept we’re all familiar with, no matter what the situation. You substitute the ingredients in your refrigerator for the ones in the recipe, the shirt from your

The D50 daylight myth

Does 5000K really equal daylight? Fiction. GTI is here to debunk some daylight myths for you. In short, 5000K does NOT equal daylight. Now that that’s cleared up… 5000 Kelvins (5000K)

Why change your [ISO] standards?

So you’re an appreciator of graphic arts and/or photography,  and you’re well aware that the industry standard for viewing prints and proofs has recently changed (or aren’t you?) but do

What’s new in the ISO 3664 standard?

When it comes to color assessment, where do you set your standards? The critical color differences you didn’t know you were missing because your lighting system isn’t up to snuff. There’s a

What is ISO 3664:2009?

A summary of the graphic arts and photography standards. ISO 3664 is the international color viewing standard for the graphic technology and photography industries. In order to improve the quality

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