GTI is the 2010 Digital Output Readers’ Choice!

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The readers have chosen…

GTI is the 2010 Digital Output Readers’ Choice!
Readers of Digital Output have chosen their Top 50 favorite companies of 2010, and GTI is thrilled to be their award-winning choice.


“When it comes to viewing a final proof, lighting matters. Light tables, or industry standard overhead lighting from vendors such as GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. provide standard illumination for proper viewing in all situations.” -Digital Output

GTI offers innovative products and services that spurred Digital Output readers to inquire for more information. We were chosen by Digital Output as one of 2010’s award-winning top companies as determined by reader response both in print and on the Web during the course of the past year.

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of D50 Standard Color Viewing Systems for the graphic arts and photographic industries. Our Graphiclite® lighting products are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and instrumentation in order to exceed the current standard, ISO 3664:2009.

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Make GTI your choice for color viewing. 

GTI is currently leading the industry with a full line of their Graphiclite® lighting products, optimized for color matching to the highest international standards. Additionally, GTI offers a variety of custom-designed products for even the most specific or demanding industry needs.


If color is even a little important to your product’s success,
make GTI your choice for color viewing!

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