Illumination: Large format print viewing

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GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. periodically chooses one of its exclusive and innovative products to “illuminate”. In keeping with our commitment to excellence and innovation, GTI often creates custom designs to solve uniquely specific industry viewing challenges. In this article we shed the spotlight on our revolutionary solution to optimizing large and grand format print viewing.

Our Unique Innovation:

GTI has developed a solution for large and grand format print viewing.

Large and grand format printing delivers superb image quality and requires critical color viewing conditions to match. Unfortunately, these types of images often present difficulties in maintaining color viewing accuracy. GTI has created a line of Graphiclite® high-quality D50 illumination solutions for large format print viewing, designed to anticipate and resolve these difficulties. Our unique array of special light fixtures and mounting accessories use innovative parabolic lens and geometry design to enable accurate color assessment on a large vertical surface.

In order to illuminate a large vertical surface while preserving your desired image effect, your lighting system will require the perfectly balanced combination of the correct overhead luminaire and accompanying accessories to fit your specific needs for your space. This will provide the most advantageous light intensity and uniformity over the viewing surface of your large or grand format print to help you achieve optimum results. Our Graphiclite® GLE-1032P and GLL-1032e/P overhead luminaire models and accessory products are uniquely engineered to give you just that. Extremely large viewing surfaces may require a lower Graphiclite® luminaire, which may be mounted on a rolling floor stand for mobile convenience and increased illuminance for the bottom portion of your image. For other unique applications such as illuminating a 3D object, the luminaires may be mounted on a vertical floor stand to allow 45 degree illumination from both sides.

Key Features & Options

GTI Graphic Technology Inc GLE 1032P

  • High output D50 luminaire with parabolic lens system
  • Easy-install wall bracket conveniently works with all overhead luminaire models ― luminaires may also be suspended from the ceiling by chains or cables
  • Optional wireless remote control ― no switched circuit required!
  • LiteGuard II System Monitor assures ongoing performance
  • Munsell N8/ neutral gray wall panels allow critical visual inspection of prints in a vertical format and are available in custom sizes to fit any spacial needs
  • 4 powerful magnets included with panels or a magnetic-backed print bar to hold your print in position

GLE-1032P with WB-GL/32 wall bracket for easy mounting

To have GTI assist you in designing your wall illumination system, or for more information about how GTI can resolve your color viewing difficulties, go to or call 888-562-7066 to talk to us about which products will work best for you.

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